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Fire Preparedness Resilience

Keep Calm Committee - Who We Are 

The concept of the Keep Calm Committee (KCC) was developed in January/February, 2020 after responses from the Community members visiting MBNCI during the 2019/2020 bushfire threat.

On 22 January, 2020 Mount Beauty Neighbourhood Centre (MBNCI) conducted two Community feedback sessions, which were commissioned by Alpine Shire, to gather information on how the Kiewa Valley Community felt about the Shire's performance during the bushfire threats.  


It was clear that few - if any - people who visited MBNCI had fire plans.

Mount Beauty Neighbourhood Centre received funding through the Upper Murray Regional Neighbourhood Houses Network (UMRNHN), resulting in Resilience Consultant, Anne Leadbeater being appointed to work with the MBNCI to help establish a 'fire ready' resilient Community.

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