All the events are currently on hold until COVID-19 restrictions lifted.

Alpine fresh food network

We have recently teamed up with the Alpine Fresh Food Network to share information, run workshops and provide resources.

Meet on the deck

the second Saturday of each month


Come and share produce, seeds, seedlings, plant cuttings and more!

Coffee and cake available for purchase.

Drop in for a chat and pick up your North East Planting Guide

(Hill Country Region)

(Provided by Landcare North East Victoria)


Holistic Information Sessions

The second Saturday of each month 10am -11am

It has been requested by our followers to bring back invited therapists to give a 20 minute talk on what their therapy is all about over tea and scones.

Come to learn some easy techniques that you can add into your daily routine to promote clarity and wellness.

Timeless Traditional Crafts

Sundays starting 2nd February 2020 

1:00pm - 4:00pm

Sunday arvos on the deck, a new idea of sharing forgotten crafts like weaving, spinning and anything else you may be interested in or want to share. No previous experience is necessary as firstly we will look at what the interest is.

Building Digital Skills.


Bring your digital devices and your questions, share the learning.

Wednesday 11th March 10am - 11am

Free event