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Services & Gifts

The one stop shop for all your needs and requirements! No job too big or too small!


Printing, Scanning & Photocopying

Our Sharp Photocopier is state of the art for all your printing, scanning and photocopying needs.

*Discount for current financial members.

Laptop Work

Secretarial Services


Pamphlet Designing 

Photo Restoration and Enhancement

Computer lap new.jpg

Internet and Wifi

Our computer lab is available for public access and FREE Wi-Fi access (current financial members only).



We provide catering for inside or outside events with a variety of food platters and beverages.

Download our catering form here:



Fuji Photo Kiosk

The self service Fuji Machine prints quality photos of various sizes. 

4 x 6 inch          $0.40 each

6 x 8 inch          $3.00 each

Plus many other design and size options.

Call in to see our monthly specials and printing options.

Services Austalia.png

Services Australia
(previously Centrelink)

This agency is for:

using the telephone to speak to Centrelink.

Use the self service fax and computer to report via internet

Download & print Services Australia forms. Plus original sighting of documents on behalf of Services Australia (Centrelink).

Medicare services also available.

Hall new pic.jpg

Venue Hire - Alex McCullough Hall

Alex McCullough Hall equips with Wi-Fi connection, a projector screen, kitchenette, and toilet. It is perfect for big gathering or activities. *Download form here:



Venue Hire - Small Office

Our small office has its own entrance  and free Wi-Fi connection. It is perfect for a private working space. *Download form here:



Venue Hire - Large Conference Room

Our large conference room equips with a smart TV which can connect to the internet and your own device. *Download form here:



Laminating and Book Binding

We have a variety of options to bind and laminate your posters, brochures, pamphlets, booklets, manuals, manuscripts and folios.  

* Discount for financial members 


Venue Hire - Portable Conference Room

Our Portable Office equips with a smart TV which can connect to the internet and your own device.  *Download form here:


Homemade condiments jam relish.jpg

from $4.00


Grant Writing

We can now provide Grant Writing Services at the Mount Beauty Neighbourhood Centre for community businesses. 

For more information:

contact Trish Dixon on 03 5754 1166

Recharge point logo.jpg

Recharge Point

The RECHARGE Scheme services now offers peace of mind and confidence for people to participate within the community as they choose. Mount Beauty Neighbourhood Centre is now part of the Recharge Scheme in partnership with Alpine Shire.

photography equipment

Photography Equipment

With all of our great equipment we have for hiring and space within the Centre, we can set up the best possible environment with the options of lighting and backdrops to take the shots of memories including medals and artwork.

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