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Sustainable & Resilient Homes
Solar Panels

Sustainable and Resilient Homes

Designing for lifestyle, climate change and disaster - Integrated Permaculture.

What makes a home resilient

  • suits your needs

  • designed for change e.g. climate change, disaster, growing older etc.

  • food security

  • water security

  • shelter security (affordable and power continuity)

  • conscious placement (where and how home is sited)

  • elements affect the design

  • house design principles e.g. heating, cooling, building materials etc.


Date: To be advised.

Cost: $90 includes lunch (ACFE subsidised - full fee $240.00)​

Couse Fee $21.60 + Amenities $15.00 + Manual $23.40 + USB $10.00 + Lunch $20

Basic Office Administration

Preparing those who have been out of the workforce for long periods or who want to learn new skills Pathway to BSB10112 - Certificate I in Business.

Date: To be advised.

Basic Office Admin

Reconnect Study Plan

Preparing those who have been out of the workforce for long periods for re-entry with literacy and numeracy they need to refresh to be able to take on other accredited and pre-accredited courses.


Dates: To be advised.

Reconnect Study Plan

promote your business using social media

Aimed at people who could do further study  in computer skills set pre-accredited course.This short 2 x 2.5 hours course will give the participants the basic knowledge of how to maintain social media awareness and how to promote a business using mobile devices to tap into social media to a wider market than just the local market. Career pathway - Professional development for small businesses or potential employment. Training pathway -  Further accredited training in social media courses

Date and Time: To be advised.

Promote Your Business
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